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NELA Dataset Changes

Following feedback received from local audit participants some minor changes have been carried out to the webtool for each year of NELA data collection. These include some changes in wording to questions and further validation on the webtool.

Year 2 Dataset Changes

  • Q2.2: Wording changed to 'Date and time that the decision was made to operate'
    If this is unavailable please enter date and time that this patient was first booked for theatre for emergency laparotomy
  • Q2.2i: Question added to indicate which date and time is recorded?
    With options:
    o Decision to operate
    o First booked for theatre
  • Q2.6: Removed as no longer required
  • Q3.5: Wording changed to 'Blood lactate - may be arterial or venous (mmol/l)'
  • Q6.3: Wording changed to 'Blood lactate - may be arterial or venous (mmol/l)'
  • Q3.16a: Wording changed to 'Patient was ventilated prior to emergency laparotomy'
  • Q6.24a: Wording changed to 'At the end of surgery, was the decision made to place the patient on an end of life pathway?'

New Pop-Ups

We have added a feature so that pop-ups appear asking users to double check and confirm dates entered. This is meant for information and validation; if you are sure the date you are entering is correct do not be concerned.

You will need to click 'OK' once the pop-up appears to continue entering data:

  • Q.4.1: Popup warning appears if the difference between the decision to operate date (Q2.2) and entry into theatre date (4.1) is greater than 72 hours.
  • Q7.8: Popup warning appears if the difference between entry into theatre (Q4.1) and discharge (Q7.8) is greater than 6 weeks or less than 3 days and alive

Export Key

The export key available from the 'Support' menu on the web tool has also been updated for Year 2 of the audit. This now includes the new questions that will go live on the web tool for admissions from 1st December 2014.